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Great Last Minute Corporate Gift Ideas For Your Clients & Employees

Great Last Minute Corporate Gift Ideas For Your Clients & Employees

Showing gratitude and appreciation creates a good, solid relationship with your employees, partners and clients. One of the best ways of doing this is investing time in picking the perfect gifts as tokens of appreciation. However, in the business world at times it’s not possible spending a great deal of time trying to choose the ideal gift for each person you have a business relationship with.

Let’s take a look at the following easy and flexible gifts that you will be able to find even if you are rushing to beat the clock.

Gift Cards

A gift card is the ultimate last minute gift idea as you are able to buy it almost anywhere. You will barely come across a store or a restaurant that doesn’t have gift cards to purchase. Some grocery stores even have a gift card section with options from larger retailers and restaurants.

The amazing thing about gift cards is that you can try and make them more personal. For example, if you know the recipient’s taste, you can buy a gift card that they can use in their favourite restaurant or local boutique. What you can also do is use their hobby or interest as a point of focus when searching for the right gift card option. It’s even possible to buy gift cards for online retailers like Amazon. Such a gift idea may be very last minute, but can be made special with a bit of careful selection based on what the recipient likes.

Office Décor Items

Office décor is another corporate gift idea when running short of time. Selecting decorative items can be a little intimidating and tricky but it really doesn’t have to be when it comes to office decorating. The first thing to do is to avoid any type of cheesy novelty items, linens, pillows, pictures or art. Instead consider paperweights, calendars, desk organizers, clocks and name plates. Pick items with neutral colours and natural finishes. Look for products made from stone, wood, glass or ceramic and avoid giving anything that will feel or look cheap. A granite desk organizer could be a great gift, for example. So could a desk calendar made from heavy paper featuring vintage art or a glass name plate. There are plenty of elegant and attractive office décor options that can be found in any price range.

Food and Wine

Wine is great for any occasion because it is a popular dining choice and is readily available. Having both wine and food as an option then makes it the perfect last minute gift. Grocery stores or beverage retailers offer a wide array of lovely menus you can choose from. With a little effort too, you can even track down a specialty shop for something more special and fancier. Have an employee at a wine retailer help you select a suitable bottle. When it comes to food, look at ethnic food shops, gourmet stores and local delis. These always have a better selection of unique items.

Serving and Kitchen Ware

There are a lot options when it comes to kitchen and serving ware as hosting and entertaining has become popular. When choosing a corporate gift, you can find beautiful, useful items that cost different prices ranging from cheap to expensive. These items are easy to find whether searching for them online or at a nearby store. Consider gifting a rustic wine trough or a hand carved serving bowl, for example. Elegant utensils, interesting serving boards, tea infusers, bottle tags – there are many options to choose from. Try making a selection of items made from nicer materials such as wood, ceramic, glass or crystal. It will make a bigger impression and often won’t cost any more than items made from plastic material. The aim is to pick items that are as nice to look at as they are useful.

Candles and Bath Sets

Candles and bath sets make great last minute gifts. You can find this gift just about anywhere and pricing differs. You can find a way to make the sets special and unique – custom made and packaged specifically according to your requirements. This can be done in specialty shops. Seek for example a retailer selling handmade soap or find a shop that has options like goats milk soap, soy or beeswax candles, or speciality bath salts.


The amazing thing with the above-mentioned corporate gift ideas is that you can also get them branded – putting a bit of personal touch to your gift. Contact Us at Cozmic Brand Connectors and let us help you create the ultimate special and unique corporate gift!

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