Picking The Right Colours For Your New Company Uniform
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How To Pick The Right Colours For Your New Company Uniform

How To Pick The Right Colours For Your New Company Uniform

When making changes to your business, how your brand will be perceived is always at the core of every decision. The bottom line and goal is constantly to represent your brand in the best manner possible and factors such as picking out colours for your logo, office and uniform are more important than you might realize. Perception of colour can change depending on a person’s personality, income, gender and age, which means careful consideration is needed in order to understand the target market and how they wish to perceive the brand.

One of the central features of branding include branded corporate clothing. This is an aspect of branding that offers efficient and effective ways of marketing a company. The importance around business apparel requires quite lengthy deliberation and certain factors need to be considered before a final decision is made concerning the colours. Let’s look at the few points to keep in mind as you get ready to figure out the right colour scheme.

Brand Recognition

When picking out colours for your business uniform, you need choose colours that go hand in hand with your brand. That means selecting colours that complement your logo, website colours and marketing tools. Make certain that you don’t stray away from shades that your consumers already recognize. Even if you don’t want to use the same exact colour as your brand, ensure that whatever shade you select is in the same colour family as your main one.

Stand Out Colours

Colours that stand out are crucial especially in a retail environment. Customers should be able to point your workers out in a crowd and flag them down easily. Basic colours such as black are colours you would want to stay away from as they are hard to single out and often disappear into a crowd. The only time to consider black is if you have a logo with colours that are bold and make it easy to track.

It’s been said that a uniform that integrates two colours has the ability to be recognizable too. One different colour at the top, and one at the bottom, helps employees stand out.

Your Target Audience

Science and numerous study cases have revealed that people have certain distinct reactions to different colours. For example, blue represents a sense of loyalty and peace; yellow represents happiness and warmth; purple signifies royalty; while white embodies a clean and sanitary environment. This is the reason why you see white being the dominant colour in the medical field. When picking out colours for your corporate uniform, do a bit of research and find out what colours mean and what psychological effect they have on people. After that go with a colour that represents your target market best and goes hand in hand with your brand. Consider the age of your consumers too because colours that appeal to an older crowd may not so much appeal to a younger crowd.

Fashion Colours

For businesses that are in fashion and are trend driven, rotating company apparel colours on a seasonal basis may be a great idea. Whether having one main colour for the season or year, rotating colours becomes a brilliant way to keep your customers interested and engaged. This is especially applicable to the younger market that responds well to new and exciting range of clothing.


Lastly, in all aspects of your business, you need to differ and stand out from your competition. Consider what your competitors are doing with regards to their uniform and figure out how you can be different in a way that helps your consumers pick you apart too. For example, if your competition has red and white as their custom colours, you don’t want to have red and black as yours. Select something that is totally different so that your brand is immediately recognizable.


Getting your employees involved in the process of picking colours for their new uniform also helps because they may have brilliant ideas on how to incorporate everything into your brand. This will make them feel important and part of major decision making that takes place in the environment they work in. Not to mention that they will be the ones wearing the clothing so they need to be as comfortable as possible with anything that you choose.

When you have decided on what colours to use following the guideline above, contact us at Cozmic Brand Connectors and let us supply you with branded corporate clothing that is of high quality and is custom made to suit your needs as a company!

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