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Recommended Corporate Gifts That Promote Employee Wellness

Recommended Corporate Gifts That Promote Employee Wellness

Corporate gifts don’t always have to involve baskets of treats, office essentials, and homeware. Companies can now instead start to consider encouraging personal wellness goals, with personalized gifts that focus on health. Gifting employees or clients with such items expresses and confirms that you are concerned with their health and longevity. Corporate organizational culture and environment are powerful influences on employee behaviour and companies can use this as a means to help their workers adopt a healthier lifestyle. This will ensure benefits such as improved physical fitness; lower levels of stress; weight reduction; increased well-being, self-image and self-esteem; and increased stamina.

Considering wellness gift ideas also gives you a chance to get creative with the items you get to offer. These can range from fitness class gift certificate to sportswear and exercise balls. It is certainly a unique chance that benefits both the employees and the organizations overall.

With that said, let’s look at the different corporate gifts items that focus on health and wellness.

Exercise Sets

Providing corporate-branded exercise sets might be a great idea because not everyone can afford fancy gyms or workout setups in their homes. Individuals in corporate environments barely ever have time to fit in exercising so why not offer convenience and bring the gym to them? For example, items such as exercise bands are appropriate for people who are always on the move because they can afford to exercise in their hotel rooms. These items can even do better as corporate offerings at trade shows and conferences. Another idea would be to gift workout towels and quality workout gear with your company’s logo. This is an opportunity to advertise your business too in gyms or any workout space your employees will be using your gifts.

Spa Days

This is a personalized gift that would be a very favourable option to many. You can always offer your clients or workers a full spa experience, especially after the close of a big campaign that would’ve probably exhausted them mentally and physically. Spas present a lot of packages that include massages, steam rooms, acupuncture, hot stone massages and body wraps. This is the chance to let your employees know you appreciate their hard work after a long project.

Yoga Supplies

Yoga has numerous benefits and they include building of muscle strength; prevention of cartilage and joint breakdown; protection of spine; improvement of blood flow; and an increase in focus and positive emotions. When it comes to yoga, find gifts such as yoga mats and bags, yoga blocks and heart rate monitors. As with exercise sets, your business will get a marketing opportunity too wherever your employees attend their yoga sessions and classes. You can even order exercise balls coupled with the yoga supplies, to encourage workers to work on their balance and core strength.

Stress Balls

Another corporate gift item that promotes employee wellness is a stress ball. This at times may be something people don’t take seriously; however it is actually very useful in releasing stress. It keeps the hands preoccupied during long conference calls and reduces anxiety on a busy workday. Stress balls even come in fun shapes like small animals that would look quirky and cute on office desks. If your business has a company mascot, you may even get a stress ball in the shape of one.

Healthy Snacks

Finally, you can still use food as an idea and use healthy alternatives this time that will still be creative and satisfying. Edible arrangements with fruits are always favourable and look attractive as well. These traditional fruit baskets can also include nutrition-packed nuts and granola. When running long campaigns that demand late night sessions, you could always treat your employees to a few weeks’ worth of free healthy snacks. People will never say no to free food.

A healthy office is a productive one. Investing in wellness gifts shows that you care about your employees’ well-being and can help in building strong team bonds.

At Cozmic Brand Connectors, we also support and encourage employee wellness in the corporate sphere. View our range of sportswear in our Branded Corporate Clothing catalogue and contact us!


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